Shutterstock_7756789 Morning is an opportunity for newness…possibilities…potentialities. If the night has brought you some sleep (hopefully!) and some closure to the previous day, we can enter into the fresh canvas of life that awaits with the morning dew. Practicing the night rhythm will dramatically improve your experience of encountering the rhythm of God in the morning!

More often than not, our mornings become a rush of timed rituals to get us out of the door and onto the road. "Coffee…newspaper…shower…teeth…what to wear…coffee again…toast…work stuff…car keys…see ya later!"

There is a rhythm there, but the rhythm is chaotic and hurried…forced. The pulsating, resonating voice of God gets buried somewhere between the first cup of coffee and the news blaring from the speakers in your car as you scan traffic reports.

Establishing a centered morning rhythm will bring balance to your day, give you the ability to better deal with the stresses on the road, and in the workplace. Your morning rhythm, like the night rhythm, is nothing huge, overwhelming, or forced. The morning rhythm is allowing your first conscious breath to acknowledge that God is, and you belong to Him.

I like to start my morning rhythm while I am still in bed. As soon as I start to re-enter the world of stress and chaos, while my eyes are still heavy and the bed is still warm, the rhythm begins as I say, "Good morning Abba…it's good to be with you…let's make this day a work of art."

While there are many rhythm tools (spiritual disciplines) that you can use to establish your morning rhythm, let me again encourage you to simply "be" with God.

Maybe you could keep some of these ongoing rhythm Scriptures on your bedside table so that you could begin your day with God even before your feet hit the ground. Or, if you have a moment to find a place to sit for a few minutes to create your day and how you would like it to go with God definitely do that!

Before I read a Psalm…I begin with simply centering my day with God. "Abba (Jesus' choice of name for God the Father, it means daddy)…I belong to you." Let God know the way you desire to react and respond to the demands of your day…the kind of person you want to be to those around you. Give God permission to get your attention throughout the day so that you can become what you desire.

After this, slowly read the Psalm and then listen for what God might say to you. You might experience a stillness filled with direction, or simply silence. There is no "right" outcome, only what is…so be grateful for the moment ad take it with you throughout the day. Here is a morning rhythm Psalm to add to your collection:


Psalm 63

O God, you are my God,

for you I long;

for you my soul is thristing.

I long for you

like dry, weary land without water.

Give me your strength and your glory.

I wish to praise you all
my life

fill my soul as with a banquet.

I cling to you;

hold me close in your hands.


May your day have the fingerprints of God all over it!

Dei Gratia

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