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District Superintendent of the Alliance NW, author, speaker, musician, activist, coffee snob…

Hi! I’m Monty, and I was most recently the lead and founding pastor of Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church. I am transitioning into the role of District Superintendent for the Alliance NW district of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The best part of who I am is first centered in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I am thrilled to have an incredible wife (Amy), and two kids (Emma and Liam), all who keep me on my toes and are a source of great pride (the holy kind) and love!

In addition to teaching, leadership development, staff development, missional direction, spiritual direction and all that goes with the territory, I am most alive when having spiritual conversations with people contemplating the reality of God, while enjoying the taste and aroma of an incredible expression of God’s agrarian creativity in coffee. I have a dream to see the church really become the church, and stop playing a religious game…that means my ethostic passion is to create an environment where people are able to grow closer to God and each other, uniquely becoming the men and women that God created them to be. That means a safe place to stretch minds and hearts to think beyond what is, to what not only could be, but what God’s desire is for His church. This will impact our world and community with a Christ-reality inviting everyone to enter into God’s journey for their life.

Okay now for the fun stuff… I love all things Scottish, therefore Braveheart is the best movie ever made! My happy place is some cool location with my wife and kids, a great book or four, time to reflect, dream, and enjoy the moment God has given me!

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  1. Hi Monty, Kyle Wallace just emailed me and told me to contact you through your blog. I am the pastor who is planting the church in Seattle that Kyle told you about on your Israel trip. I would love to connect and talk church planting and Braveheart (also my favorite movie). Not to mention, my younger sister Kaley moved to Fall City a little over a year ago and has been attending SVA. My email is Hopefully we can connect. Thanks

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