Here we are again…

Another inciting incident.
Opinions flow like a river at flood stage.

“You don’t know the facts?” “You missed the point” “You’re ignorant”

As our nation labors under the weight of serious systemic issues  we choose to herald our cyber-bullhorns, which are more about shouting than listening and resolving.

Broad-brushed soundbites of polarized rhetoric.

And then…


We saunter off to the next thing showing that we really don’t care at a deep level about the current thing, it’s just the popular outrage. Sure, it seems important enough to flame and shout out loudly what we think (as if we have perfect-objective reality firmly in our grasp), but not important enough to get off the couch and actually DO Something…DO justice.

It amazes me that so many of us think a perfectly worded tweet is the final word on an incident that results in lost lives, lost income, lost values and even lost humanity.

“Surely my Facebook rebuttal is enough to end generations of racism”

“Surely my #hashtag is enough to end corporate greed”

“Surely my instagram picture will be enough to prove a 911 conspiracy”

and then…NEXT…

Have we become the NEXT generation? Have we become a NEXT culture?

In other words, is our current outrage more about entertainment and consumerism than it is about the actual tragedy or incident?

I think they way we respond and then quickly disengage moving onto the NEXT thing reveals an apathy and a narcissism that perpetuates systemic issues.

We live at the surface, and the problems we face are much deeper than the “facts.” And I know someone will more than likely cry out against that last statement.

Courts have to deal with facts, we as a society must deal with truths that lead to justice acknowledging the facts.

Today, consider how fast you move onto the NEXT thing.

Today consider how fast you move on from the LAST thing.

Today consider whether or not an incident will incite you to use your bullhorn only, or actually get off the couch and enter into the pain and brokeness as a healer and helper.

A closing thought to ponder from Martin Luther King Jr.:

“The Negro’s great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizens Councilor or the Ku Klux Klanner but the white moderate who is more devoted to order than to justice.”

In light of the current #ferguson battlefield, consider the deeper conversation that is needed before you go NEXT.




  1. hmmmmmm…..this gma just says hmmmmm…tonight. Am I of a generation that will ever see change?? …maybe yours!  I believe that I have only made a difference by raising and loving and encouraging a family to love God and abide by  the laws of this land of freedom we are so blessed to live in…thank you always for your loving, thoughtful comments..  Love You.

    1. you’ve made the right difference. truly that is where the bigger transformation happens, raising the next generation to love better than we do…i say hhhhmmm alot followed by …sigh…i truly wish i could wave a wand and fix the messes we continue creating…I hope the next generation after me leads with grace, truth and courage….

  2. love this…”get off the couch and enter into the pain and brokeness as a healer and helper”. ~ M.C. Wright
    Helping one heart, one relationship at a time for me Monty. Whether it’s a teen having a panic attack or a friend in emotional or physical pain, that’s where I prefer to enter… where I’m wired to enter. You don’t have a wand and you can’t fix all the messes. But, you do encourage all of us to take that sigh and then offer that collective pain up to the one can hold it ALL in his right hand. Thank you Monty.

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