I was meeting with some dynamic youth leaders on Monday this week (okay, you guys owe me for that great plug!) and as we were disecting and discussing various aspects of today’s youth journey, we were also discussing some key chapters out of a book by Tony Campolo and Brian McLaren called "Adventures in Missing The Point"

There was a statement made in the chapter about leadership that stuck with me. It was noted that in the church we have given the name/title of SEEKER to those people who are not believers in Christ yet, but are to some degree "looking."

The author noted that designation seemed to be wrong in that we are all seekers of Christ, and we continue to seek after Him even after we enter into relationship with Him.

How true. If we are no longer seekers after we become a Christian, in my mind, that would make us perhaps some of the biggest egomaniacs in the world. In essence we would be saying, "I’m done…I know it all..I have found God, I have Him all dialed in…game over.

After each movement of grace that I encounter and walk through with Christ, I am never done…but rather undone. Each time I get a glimpse or a revelation of another facet of God, I also see the vast areas that I have not yet begun to meditate on or graple with.

That actually excites me…to know that I will be on a seeking pursuit of God for eternity. Imagine if you lived out your marriage with the belief that you were done once you said your vows…Man how boring would that be. To think that you would know everything about your spouse after the wedding day is absurd…a healthy growing marriage is one where there is always mystery, wonder, pursuit and knowing.

So then, since we do not have God all figured out…What do you want to know about God? What questions do you have about following Christ? What areas of your faith bug you, have stumped you, frustrate you?

Honestly, you can shoot me an email or respond to this post. I’d love to know the areas you are seeking deeper experiences with Christ. Who knows, maybe it will become a series to unlock the doors of many others!

Illuminate Deo,

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  1. Hey Monty,
    I am your sister Kim’s friend in Friday Harbor. I was blessed by your viral message Sun. May 6th. You mention marriage in this blog and continuing in the pursuit of “seeking” understanding of our spouses in our marriage journey, which makes things exciting. Amen to that! I would like to propose that along that thinking, Monique and I facilitate a Love and Respect marriage conference at SVA next fall. Talk to your sister Kim about this video driven conference and her experience. You have the perfect set up there with the screens in your sanctuary.
    Along the lines of “questions”, for me one of the big ongoing questions is this; how do I know if I’m in God’s will with the decisions that are before me? Hmmmm? Hope to hear from you soon.
    Keep on pressing into His love,

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