I scanned in some more pages of my reflections while in Kasitu…I know, I know, my handwriting is kinda rough, but feel free to peruse my thoughts as they entered my brain…

I’ll get more pages uploaded later. click her for the journal Download kasitu_journal001.pdf

We have so much work to do in Kasitu and in GULU! Be praying for God’s heart to be experienced by the families in Kasitu/Gulu…Our next team goes in November, and we are preparing a new adventure to help with the rehab centers in Gulu that are dealing with the child soldiers…the 10-16 year old boys who were abducted into the Lord’s Resistance Army, brainwashed, and turned into brutal killers…their lives are wreckage caused by the egomania of other men.

We are also looking at a new adventure into Kasitu as well…so keep praying…your prayers move mountains!

Illuminate Deo,

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