Shield A friend of mine sent me this quote. Many of you know I am a quote freak, but this one especially made it into brain. It comes to us from Helen Keller:

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition.
It does not exist in nature."

We tend to spend our lives in pursuit of security. Emotional security…Financial security…Physical security…When the world doesn't respond the way we want, or to put it another way; when our illusory security fall apart we don't know what to do. We either quit or try to re-create the security that we thought we had…kind of a denial mechanism I suppose.

When we live life as an adventure, we realize that that security is a rare commodity, and that adventure contains risk. The global economy experienced a security breach  as our financial institutions unfortunately realized that security can often be a superstition, that right when we think we have everything covered…there always remains the potential for the unexpected.

Security does not exist in nature is a compelling thought…there is raw, natural beauty, but it is always at the disposal of other elements. In an instant that which exuded sheer loveliness can be trampled, crushed or otherwise hurt. There is always a bigger animal, a more threatening danger…true, security is definitely lacking in nature.

As I think through the security question, it does strike me that while security in the realms of the emotional, physical or financial is fleeting…security in the spiritual is the bedrock of our faith. In fact, the only way we can truly live life as an adventure is if we have activated the spiritual component of our lives.

When we know, trust and experience that God is, and that God is actively involved…then we are able to trust in the storm, have faith when our security is breached, and find hope when we have spent our last bit of energy trying to control that which is uncontrollable.

I think Helen was on to something…faith creates the possibility of adventure; adventure embraces risk; risk creates a lack of security; trust in God overrides and keeps us moving forward even when life isn't fair…and that my friends is an adventure.

Thoughts on the quote?

Dei Gratia,


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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm… No doubt it is true that security does not exist in nature. Having acknowledged that indeed it is so… still it does seem that there is a trace of evidence that once upon a time security did exist in nature… in a garden called Eden… which certainly was much more wonderful than the place we know today as Hawaii… but surely there is a remnant of it there.
    So now… again no doubt all of creation is cursed for our sakes and the Logos is the only thing… the only One… Who remains Holy and True and above all things Faithful. Still this remnant of a cursed creation in all of its paralyzing insecurity filled with predators and prey still testifies of Him… enough so that as you said on Sunday… we have to trust Him to carry us or we’re not going to make it.
    And when we have been up all night casting our nets leaning on our own understanding and have come up empty… when He says at sunrise trust Me and cast them out again over there… we need to respond as Peter did (isn’t that a first!)and say, “Because it is You I will do as you say.” I don’t know that I have ever responded like that when I am beat up… worn out… and despairing of the sight of empty nets. But I need to… now more than ever… Rob Duin

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