For my Alliance NW friends in ministry: Attached is a personal video and key resources to help move people from fear to trust in and through the COVID19 reality. I also look at ministry pivots and plans about transitioning into what will be the new normal post COVID. I wrap with an update on my transition into the District Superintendent position.

Links and mentioned downloads:

9 Ways we’re trying to engage online
24 Questions your church should answer before people return
24 MORE questions your church should answer
Alliance NW COVID19 Resources


  1. Praying for the sorrow that you and your wife experienced’not being able to say goodbye to your church and school. Many people are experiencing this sorrow at different levels (graduations,weddings, funerals, fellowship) I can not visit my mother who is in a assisted living facility.She is 102 years old. Her world is a lot smaller now. I would suggest as a ministry, if the Lord directs someone, to give a phone call to a senior, or contact them in someway. To hear a voice of care would be a touch from Jesus
    . Thank you Monty for your leadership and sharing your heart.

    Chris Valenta
    Chico Alliance Church

    1. Thx Chris… I agree. At SVA we have been making phone calls through the entire database since the first week, and checking in with our shut ins and older members/attenders to pray and say hi… that breaks my heart that you have not been able to visit your mom, I’m praying for you for that!

  2. Monty, thanks for what you shared here. Lots of great resources and stuff to chew on. I can only attempt to empathize with not being able to say goodbye to people you have served generously for years and I am sure that they appreciate whatever connects we can make in this time (I know our older saints do here in southern Oregon). If there’s anything more we can do to help aid your transition to be a smooth one let us know. Thanks for your willingness to serve as Field Director over a much broader audience. I agree that the Church needs to structure this upcoming change and how we are going to do ministry very carefully and yet boldly in these next few weeks, years, and even decade(s) as you mentioned! We appreciate you and your family!

    1. Thanks Nolan! you are right, that making any type of connection in these times goes a long way. Keep your eyes looking up and your heart open my friend!

  3. Thank you for sharing. Continuing to pray Colossians 1:9b-12, for the two of you as you experience this transition.

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