Thin spaces and Divine wrestling matches

Last week I was doing some work at my Planet Changer Uganda office located in Seeta, just outside the capital of Kampala. I knew it was going to be a busy week as I was picking up supplies with our Uganda director Moses and his wife Bena.

We needed bunk beds, mattresses, sheets, chairs and a handful of other supplies to get the rooms at the office ready for a team from SVA Church. They will be coming in January to help with water testing, GPS tagging of completed water systems and conduct community health and sanitation surveys.

As there was not a bed for me yet, I stayed at a nearby hotel, this would be my basecamp for accomplishing the long to-do list. While I was looking forward to some alone time with God while savoring some amazing Ugandan tea in the mornings, my experience ran on the twin rails of beauty and struggle.

Behind the door of room 712 I passed into a divine portal where I was about to wrestle everyday for a week.

While no place is truly holier than another, as God is found everywhere and within you, during my prayer, meditation and sleep time I entered into a thin space. A thin space is the Celtic way of expressing that you have experienced the presence of God in such a real and intimate way that the veil between the here-and-now and the presence of God is as thin as translucent paper. Room 712 became for me a Jabbok river of sorts confronting my greater and lesser angels.

In the morning, while I read, prayed and meditated, God’s presence was so tangible my entire body was humming with the energy of creation.

It was amazing…
A place I didn’t want to leave…
Like Peter, I said, “Let’s build three shelters and stay here!” when he experienced the transfiguration of Jesus right before his eyes.

I felt as if I might float away, I even checked once or twice to make sure I was still sitting in my chair! I wondered if I might float right into His throne room on the waves of His love and light.

However, while I slept, we wrestled for control of things I felt I might lose, things I might gain. My mind wouldn’t settle, I felt the weight of my thoughts on my chest like a cement blanket.

Was I jacob at the Jabbok river wrestling with the man who was really God? Would I cling until He blessed me? Who was I, and why did the night spaces become an MMA ring? Was I jacob or Monty or pastor or activist or or or. If I follow His lead and surrender all, who will I become? Will I like me? Will others like me?

While my mind worked to control scenario after scenario crashing through my mind, in the tumultuous silence I finally heard what my soul needed most: “I love you, You are mine.”

And that is exactly what I needed to hear.


  1. I love hearing this. Such amazing closeness. It is a challenge to leave those moments and return to the real world. The serenity, love and completeness set the bar for perfection; it’s hard to leave that Holy space. You are loved Monte, by God and so many around you. Truly, thank you for sharing such an intimate time with our Lord.

  2. Thank you for sharing such an intimate and personal time with our Father. I wish everyone person I know, love and dont know and love could experience this. Its beautiful!!!

  3. Beautifully said, Monty. I have felt something akin to this my last visit to Haiti and several times after David died. It was electrifying in a exciting soulful way. Joy. Thanks for sharing your voice.

  4. I loved hearing about your experience! I agree, when we are fixed on Jesus, our Heavenly Father, our whole being changes. If only, we can firmly affix to him at all times. I marvel at how many times I wander. And as soon as I affix my eyes on Jesus, once again, that whole peaceful-feeling prevails. Our Father is front and center and the rush is the best feeling ever! I hope the rest of your trip was wonderful. It’s always a pleasure to witness at times, and also hear about your journey. Your leadership is remarkable! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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