If you are like me, there have been times where you have given God the Judas kiss; cast greedy lots for holy garments; or horded divine manna out of fear God may withhold His blessings…

I’ve been the Prodigal Son covered in the dirt of my choices; Eaten the tempters-fruit turned brown in the heat of the sun; and, like Ananias and Saphira, held back wealth while looking benevolent.

When God gives you the gift of awareness, revealing who you really are, and then cascades His love and acceptance over you (even though the real you has been discovered) is alarming and incongruent.

We expect the axe…We expect the torrent of angry words…We expect the reproach of angry gods…but,

God is waiting in the pregnant moment of possibility with words of mercy, grace and acceptance that scatters the old stories aside, swept up in a divine rip-tide of forgiveness and tenderness unexpected, fierce and freeing.

Brennan Manning captures this in his book, A Glimpse of Jesus, where he writes:

To live in the wisdom of accepted tenderness is to let go of cares and concerns, to stop organizing means to ends and simply be in each moment of awareness as an end in itself…We can embrace our whole life story in the knowledge that we have been graced and made beautiful by the providence of our past history. All the wrong turns in the past, the detours, mistakes, moral lapses, everything that is irrevocably ugly or painful, melts and dissolves in the warm glow of accepted tenderness. As theologian Kevin O’Shea writes, “One rejoices in being unfrightened to be open to the healing presence, no matter what one might be or what one might have done.
~Brennan Manning; A Glimpse of Jesus

You are loved in this moment…hold onto that.

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