Kony forces children into becoming brutal killing machines…the U.N.  estimates human trafficking to be a 32 billion dollar industry…every day we learn of more sweat shops that exploit children so that we in the West can buy our stuff in Big Box stores for cheap.

Today I learned of another situation that truly caused me to pause. There is a new documentary coming out called Buffalo Girls. In the documentary, they follow the lives of two eight year old girls in Thailand, who fight for money. The producers of the film noted:

“In the US eight-year-old girls compete in beauty pageants. In Thailand, they compete in Muay Thai fights.”

While it is easy for us to find that place of righteous indignation against a warlord like Kony, or US corporations who exploit children workers, I am wondering how this will play out. I think most will respond with less than favorable words, but to indict this will also mean that we need to indict this for adults as well. The things a culture condones and promotes breeds acceptance and a sense of normalcy for the young who grow up in that culture.

Check out the video below, and I’d like to hear all kinds of feedback on this…lets wade through all the ethical, moral, economic and cultural waters that a subject like this stirs up.  Here’s a link to their web site:  http://www.buffalogirlsthemovie.com/#



  1. Thanks for sharing this. Child slavery and human trafficking are one of the worst, and unfortunately fastest-growing, crimes in the world. It’s a major concern with me, and it should be a major concern with the United Nations.

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