In His book "Imagination First" Eric Liu notes that, “Imagination is the capacity to conceive of what is not…We spend much of our lives noticing what is not, however, we rarely begin to image what might fill the void. Some men and women do begin to dream about what could be, or what is needed and our world is full of the fruition of those dreams, from art to technology.

The truth is that
our current reality was once a dream, or an idea inside of someone’s
mind…Our future reality is currently residing in someone’s  imagination,
what if that someone is you!”

In my talk this morning we looked at the things that keep us from seeing the impossible happen, as well as a six step process I use to work through dreaming and implementing new things. You can listen to the talk by going to Monty's PodCast. It should be up online by Tuesday.

I also gave out a "Dream Canvas" for you to begin writing down some of the creative, imaginative, and Divine dreams that have been put on hold in your soul for too long. You can download a PDF of that here: Download Dream Canvas

I believe that the church should be the most creative place on the planet…it's time to let God stretch our imaginations, and help us begin seeing "what isn't." Perhaps that something that is on your heart is a God-nudge that will impact all kinds of people!

Watch the following video from "TED" It is about the unveiling of the latest sixth sense technology. This video just blew me away! If we can create this kind of innovative technology to meet consumeristic needs, image what could be accomplished for God's kingdom vision for humanity.

It's time to unleash the God-dreams inside of us…they will change our lives, the lives of others, and this planet! I think Corrie ten Boom said it best:

sees the invisible, believes the incredible and

the impossible.” ~Corrie ten Boom


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