Prayer_over_the_valley_october_2006_033On the second Saturday of every month, there are men from my community of faith who gather together to pray. 

This month we had groups of men on three different mountain tops…strategically timed to summit together, pray, share communion, and just simply enjoy being guys!

This group of wild men are sitting on top of Mount Si, doin’ some hang time on the haystack. You know, in this day and age, it seems that men have abandoned the incredible God-adventure that they were created for, and have instead, traded that adventure in for the mundane, or at best for a few, the religous.

What pumps me up about the men I hang with, is that they are engaging full force, with every ounce of testosterone in their bodies, into the adventure that God has for them. No mere behavioral religion will do…no these guys, like me, long for more…yearn for more…and are out there on the edge with God experiencing more!


It’s not about climbing or any one thing, but rather about realizing that playing it safe is risky…it’s risky for your faith, it’s risky to your relationships…and it’s risky for your heart. When a man ceases to engage His God with all that he is…and plays it safe, doing the 9-5 bit with a soccor game and maybe a church service thrown in for jollies…the result is a shriveled heart, a bored mind, and an apathetic life.

I am proud of the men who found their way to the top of Mount Si…Rattlesnake Ridge…and Snoqualmie Point…Not only did they step out, but they sought the face of God for other men who are trapped in a world they were not made for…men fighting for men to be free. The heavens are
exploding with praise!

Illuminate Deo,

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  1. Thanks Monty for sharing this truth with us last weekend and in this blog. I find in my journey with Jesus that I need to claim this truth (my identity in Christ and pressing forward) every day.

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