Gollum I loved the Lord of the Rings Trilogy…one of my favorite moments is in Two Towers where Gollum is having it out with himself…you get a vivid picture of the Old Man New Man imagery of New Testament.

The battle within every human who breathes to render or hang up the previous way of life and put on Christ, or the new way of life. This is perhaps one of the most frustrating areas of the spiritual journey…how do I put away the old and put on the new…how do I live and journey in the way of the master when my ego continually tries to resurrect and take control?

Do I work real hard and reform the old me? Do I work real hard and try harder to create a new me? But, this is the beauty of what it means to be "In Christ" the new you is already done…Jesus did it for you…you don’t create it or improve it…you become it.

Watch the clip and listen to the pod-cast when it goes on!  Download Gollum-Smeagol.mov

Are you ready to jump and exclaim with Smeagol/Gollum "Smeagol’s Free!" The journey to freedom is found "In Christ" He is your freedom, He is your ticket!

It’s time to stop creating your own super improvement program and begin moving into the transformation that is already yours In Christ…your role is to move into it through faith and mercy.

No formulas…no theological tricks…rather it’s an identity change… a new wardrobe…a new you! So celebrate the smallest of changes, thank God for His graceful transformation.

As you see and celebrate each small change…the eyes of your heart will begin to see spiritual sights that you have never even imagined!

This journey rocks!

Illuminate Deo,

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