Sometimes we miss the God-moments of life because we fail to see what is right before us…God has given us all things, so often we fail to receive what God has provided because we are not looking…so gaze…what do you see? what does the visual say to you? You can click on an image to enlarge it.








Enjoy gazing and looking beyond what is seen.

Illuminate Deo,

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  1. You can only look back for so long before you miss your destination.
    4th step don’t miss the 5,6,7…. turn then merge
    Your not alone on this road…
    look up! Sunny days are ahead…
    Look out! your about to hit the semi-truck in front of you!…
    Hey am I going the wrong way? What did that sign say?
    (blue picture)
    so self focused every one else has become a blur
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
    Fathers don’t provoke your children to wrath!

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