I remember mumbling the words to the early nursery rhyme over and over. For a young skull full of mush, the rhythm can begin to numb and soon explode into a cosmic clash of wonderment in the imagination.

Three blind miceThree blind mice
See how they run
See how they run
They ran all over the farmers wife
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife
Did you ever see such a thing in your life
As three blind mice

Ya know, when your little, you just don’t tend to ask what the rhyme means, you just repeat it because you have a picture of three cute little furies beasts with dark glasses and a white cane, simply trying to make their way in the world.

Interestingly enough, the rhyme is a religious/political propaganda piece. It seems the farmers wife was really Queen Mary I who had the nickname of "Bloody Mary"  because of her persecution of Protestants. Under her regime, Protestants were not welcomed or tolerated, only being Catholic would do…so the Three Blind Mice represented three nobles who were not Catholic, (some have suggested the three men were Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and Thomas Cranmer. These three Anglican nobles were convicted of plotting against the queen who had them burned at the stake.

Now isn’t that a sweet little nursery rhyme! As I have really been praying about, and looking at the relgio-political world scene over the last weeks, I wonder what kind of rhyme will be sung by babes about the killing in Israel and Palestine. I watch the news, read the articles, and soon my mind becomes as numb as it did when I was little mumbling rhymes without comprehension.

As I look at Arab and Jew, with the strike-counterstrike-counterstrike-strike happening, I begin to think about another story I learned when I was young about blindness. Jesus is telling the story, and while the Hebrew humor is lost in translation, Jesus talks about a man who is mad at another man for some fault, or screwup. Jesus doesn’t tell us what the screwup was, probably because He knew we would focus on the sin and miss the point, but he says that this one guy is angry and pointing his finger at the mistake of the other…In Jesus’ terms, he makes a metaphor of the mistake calling it a speck in his brothers eye…the part that is so funny though is Jesus’ sarcasm. He says the guy who is pointing out the speck, or flaw, in his brother has a massive log protruding out of his own eye socket!

Can you see it? Quick translation: A Man with a boat-load of sin is judging another man with a little bit of sin. Jesus teaching is that we should take care of our own sin before thinking ourselves sin surgeons for others. In that picture I see the offspring of Isaac and Ishmael pummeling each other for logs and specks. To be sure, some of the logs and specks are hideous and evil, but as I look at the world scene it appears that the blind are in a full scale war without the aid of sight.

Can you imagine being God and seeing your creation pummeling each other day after day? Wouldn’t you want to end the playground fights and ignorant ravings done in your name? But God, in His wisdom has a plan I don’t see, because I have this nasty log in my eye! It’s when I think the log has dislodged itself that I am really the most blind.

The heart of every religio-political struggle is the exaltation of self and the love of power. One of the most powerful traits of Jesus is that while He was God, He didn’t have to shout others down to prove His pedigree…When you have truth, it is the truth that has the capacity to change things, not our proving of it.

The world fights, kills, and maims for scraps of dirt, and electronic credits that measure global wealth. No one ever has enough, so the power struggle to fulfill the desires of the self grow until it is taken from someone else. To justify the self-power domination, we must make enemies so that we can sleep at night in light of the things we do stay happy.

The amazing thing is that Jesus had the answer with his lesson on logs and specks…look in and be honest. Remove masks, get naked before God…Look out with love towards those with specks and logs in their visionary path. If we live the light, trusting that the Light is the change agent, many logs and specks will dislodge, and the Kingdom of Heaven will have arrived for another masterpiece of God.

In the end, we are all blind mice to someone, but to God, we are valuable enough to allow men and women more days on earth before He returns. Today, let us allow the Light of Christ to illuminate of journey.

Illuminate Deo,

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