An Advent Blessing For My Enneagram 8 Friends

This Advent season:

May you find the space to calm your busy mind and hear the songs of your heart.

May you move from protecting to be loved to loving to protect.

May you find that truth lives in the tension of differences.

May you believe that flexibility can be stronger than rigidity.

May you find the freedom of less.

May you experience the power of vulnerability and incarnation inviting you deeper into mystery.

May you graciously collect your growing energy and allow it to transform into love.

May you feel yourself soften with deeper breaths that remind you that strength comes in many forms.

May you find a satisfying contentment so that you fully inhabit the gift of the present moment.

May you have a surprising number of quick, to the point, action oriented conversations 🙂.

Finally, May you wield your strength to become a dispenser of gentleness, compassion, and grace.



An Advent Blessing For My Enneagram 9 Friends

This Advent season:

May you know that -you- are ok even if those around you are in distress.

May you find that the tension is worth the deeper connection on the other side.

May you experience your desires and not merge with everyone else’s game plan.

May you sense that you are as loved and accepted as those who feel that from you.

May you find and celebrate your voice because the world desperately needs to hear it.

May your inclusive spirit bring joy, grace, harmony, and light to those around you.

May you confidently say “No” without feelings of guilt or shame.

May you slow down and listen to what -your- body is telling you, it knows what you need.

May you believe that you belong, and are wanted as you are, not because you defer.

May you courageously design -your- plan for events and experiences and stick to it.

May you stay focused on what matters most even in the midst of discomfort.

May you awaken to the incredible power and energy within you and let it flow out of you.

Finally, May you breathe deeply and slowly out in nature as you pull the many parts of you that have been loaned-out, back into your center.

~Monty .


An Advent Blessing For My Enneagram 6 Friends

This Advent season:

May you release the anxiety of the current unknowns that surround you.

May you realize that you already have everything you need, there is nothing missing.

May you find freedom from over-thinking, over-analyzing, and over-doing.

May you believe you don’t need to “fix” yourself, instead, may you “affirm” yourself and feel grace.

May you find the joyfulness of giving and not grasping and holding so tightly.

May you experience the acceptance that comes with true vulnerability.

May you find your feet planted in the wonder of the present moment.

May your mind discover the “unplug from future-tripping” button.

May your courage increase exponentially and your fears evaporate.
May you experience how much you are loved just for being you, and not for all you do.

Finally, may you allow yourself to let your guard down of doing, thinking, and acting, in order to see that Goliath isn’t as big as you have been imagining.



An Advent Blessing For My Enneagram 5 Friends

This Advent season:

May you get out of your head and into the experiences around you.

May you find security in trusting that God knows everything, so you don’t have to.

May you find the freedom of embracing mystery.

May you be surprised with joy as you spend necessary time at holiday gatherings.

May you know that you are loved for who you are and not what you know.

May you find the beauty of executive summaries.

May you feel the safety of community and bravely ask for help when you need it.

May you feel comfortable just being you and know that’s the person your friends most love.

Finally, may you inhabit the deeper knowledge that comes only when you release your need to understand everything.