This Advent season:

May you find the space to calm your busy mind and hear the songs of your heart.

May you move from protecting to be loved to loving to protect.

May you find that truth lives in the tension of differences.

May you believe that flexibility can be stronger than rigidity.

May you find the freedom of less.

May you experience the power of vulnerability and incarnation inviting you deeper into mystery.

May you graciously collect your growing energy and allow it to transform into love.

May you feel yourself soften with deeper breaths that remind you that strength comes in many forms.

May you find a satisfying contentment so that you fully inhabit the gift of the present moment.

May you have a surprising number of quick, to the point, action oriented conversations 🙂.

Finally, May you wield your strength to become a dispenser of gentleness, compassion, and grace.



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