This Advent season:

May you release the anxiety of the current unknowns that surround you.

May you realize that you already have everything you need, there is nothing missing.

May you find freedom from over-thinking, over-analyzing, and over-doing.

May you believe you don’t need to “fix” yourself, instead, may you “affirm” yourself and feel grace.

May you find the joyfulness of giving and not grasping and holding so tightly.

May you experience the acceptance that comes with true vulnerability.

May you find your feet planted in the wonder of the present moment.

May your mind discover the “unplug from future-tripping” button.

May your courage increase exponentially and your fears evaporate.
May you experience how much you are loved just for being you, and not for all you do.

Finally, may you allow yourself to let your guard down of doing, thinking, and acting, in order to see that Goliath isn’t as big as you have been imagining.



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