Some days it seems like my weaknesses are all that I see. In our culture we major on minimizing or denying our weaknesses preferring to put forth an impressive, but false, image of our-self to others.

This past week it seems like I have acknowledged my weaknesses an awful lot…Each time I confess the areas I am not as gifted in, or the things that I do poorly, there is a moment of “oh God, should I have been that honest and vulnerable?” This is invariably followed up with the thoughts, “Well, too late now, better to be authentic and healthy than living in the shadows of someone I am not.”

This is the battle between what you know is right and best and true, and what your shadow-self wants.

to be liked…
to be needed…
to be seen as better or more Teflon than you are…

The list is legion isn’t it?

The breath by breath process of becoming human, earth, holy, a soul marinated in God’s beauty and love is not easy.

We need reminders about our earthiness…
We need reminders about grace…
We need reminders of God’s acceptance and fierce love…

While I was reading todays devotion from “Jesus Calling” (author Sarah Young) I danced with her well written words of this reality in our spiritual journey. Sarah writes the daily devotionals as if Jesus were having a personal conversation with you. She masterfully ushers you into a dialog with God as He speaks directly to your soul. Todays reading said:

It is good that you recognize your weakness. That keeps you looking to Me, your Strength. Abundant life is not necessarily health and wealth; it is living in continual dependence on Me. Instead of trying to fit this day into a preconceived mold, relax and be on the lookout for what I am doing. This mind-set will free you to enjoy Me and to find what I have planned for you to do. This is far better than trying to make things go according to your own plan.


Don’t take yourself so seriously. Lighten up and laugh with Me. You have me on your side, so what are you worried about? I can equip you to do absolutely anything, as long as it is My will. The more difficult your day, the more I yearn to help you. Anxiety wraps you up in yourself, trapping you in your own thoughts. When you look to Me and whisper My Name, you break free and receive My help. Focus on Me, and you will find Peace in My Presence.

When we acknowledge our weakness we step off of the throne and onto the altar which ushers in peace and hope.


  1. Great post Monty. I like reading Jesus Calling too. I marvel at the insight each time I read it. Recognizing our weakness is freeing when we know He is in control. As I work full time now and move into a field of somewhat familiar territory but much of it new, I am so thankful for the grounding I start my day with in His Word. Without faith and His guidance, I’d be a wreck. Handling the woes of others and the chaotic world sometimes seems hard to trudge through and yet somehow the older I get I am able to stand firm. Then amazingly enough when I type that I realize the days when I do feel weak to a point where I know it is time to stop and get back to center. I could go on but I won’t. What came to me was to say, “peace be with you!” And thank you for all the years you have devoted to sharing the gospel.

    1. starting the day off centered in God truly help to keep that sense of presence throughout the day…I find that scheduling in a small “recalibration moment” around 3:00 helps too…that is the time during the work day when deadlines are hit, and tasks are not done but should be…so in the 3:00 zone we tend to forget about God and push through on our own strength…so a pause and a reorientation help to keep God in the right space then too…

  2. Pastor Monty,

    FABULOUS article! Lots to contemplate, I am one who likes to please others, and sometimes I overdo, which makes it hard for others. I am definitely a server by heart, I love doing it, but sometimes I get kicked for it.

    Anyway, I am loving the book, “Believe”, which I am embarrassed to admit, just starting to read it, while down here in Arizona, visiting relatives. Oh my such wonderful words to live by and the results you get, for a Christian are marvelous.

    Since you had the sermon on Peace, I have wanted to say Shalom to people, is this a good thing, or am I running with this in an improper way?

    Your the best, we love you, Sandi

  3. “Jesus Calling” is also my daily devotional and has been for years. Interestingly enough, I noted on this day in 2013, before my re-marriage, that I met with you. I wrote, “Monty let me make up my own mind – just like him!” I am so thankful that I was very authentic that day – and vulnerable, trusting and knowing that God is my strength and my song. PS So thankful for my marriage..Love you

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