The joy, happiness and transformation that results from acts of generosity are felt by the giver…the receiver…and beyond. The small acts of generosity make the biggest impact when compounded over time with many people.

I may not be able to change the whole world, but I am able to make a small impact here and there that have ripple effects that I will probably never see.

Too often, people choose to isolate, look the other way, and distance themselves from the very real needs they encounter.

I get it…
The needs are always there…
You can’t fix everything you see…

But as God is a generative God, and He dwells within us…we are being transformed by His presence into His likeness which means that I am growing in generosity.

A friend sent me the following video…about 2 minutes in I teared up. Take a look, and may your heart grow in generosity.



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