Nelson Mandela on Day After ReleaseToday the world lost a leader. A man who stood up and suffered for his beliefs. At 95, Nelson Mandela breathed his last breath, and left a legacy the displays the power that a single life can have.

He was definitely a hard man to figure out. Was he non-violent or militant? He has been called Marxist, Socialist, Nationalist, Hero, Prisoner, Politician, Activist and President. Many words, many offices for a very unique man.

When political tensions rise and mix with economic conditions and racial injustice, one person can become a tipping point that brings about change and a shift in consciousness and morality. Mandela is a powerful example of this as apartheid collapsed in South Africa, racism was dealt a lethal blow as he became the President of South Africa having been voted in by a fully represented, multiracial electorate.

“What can I do, I am only one person?” “The problem is too big, I can’t do anything about it.” Thoughts like these are spoken daily, and most of us have articulated them ourselves.

The problem with deciding to make a difference, to invest our life for something bigger than ourselves, is that it is costly. When you finally take the faith step to do something that is selfless and beyond your current experience of spiritual growth or level of spiritual consciousness, there is always a cost.

Jesus warned that anyone who would follow Him needed to count the cost (Luke 14:25-33). As we grow through deepening stages of spirituality, it is a birthing process each time, and the birthing process is generally surrounded with fear.

Fear of the unknown…
Fear found in the swirling questions of “what if?…
Fear of who you will become…
Fear of ________…

I often dream what the world would look like if an ever-increasing number of people crossed the line from apathy to activist.

I wonder how many lives, countries and populations would experience love, hope, and provision.

We love the movies where the hero crosses the line, rises up and risks for the greater good, but we rarely wonder why when it comes to a personal sacrifice of our own we stay as far away from the line as possible.

I wonder why we expect so much of others, but so little from ourselves. I wonder why we spend so much time monitoring our energy expenditures and deciding not to get involved, or help or serve. I wonder what it would take to heal the world of narcissism and create a culture of compassion.

To be a planet-changer is honorable, important and risky. “Prison, pain, loss of friends, loss of income, misinformation, slander and hatred could be experienced, but so could transformation, healing, love, compassion, joy, forgiveness, purpose, passion and an abundant life.

With the passing of Mandela I wonder who will be the next person who will cross the line in a way that changes the world…

It could be you.

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