This is too cool! In my last Blog post "Fear and Life" I mentioned that it would be nice to have a news show that gave us some good positive news instead of the stuff they dish up. Right after that post went up I received a link to a web site that posts nothing but positive news!

Check it out at :  Header_01

While it's not finding a prime time slot, it's a start. So I portal-ed over to the site and began perusing different reports under the "World" category, and stumbled upon this one that just caught my eye. Take a look, it's good to know that a kiss from your Prince Charming still has the power of life and death:



Husband's Kiss Wakes Up Sleeping Beauty Wife In Coma

JANUARY 26, 2009

Emma Ray suffered a heart attack just ten days after giving birth to
her son. Andrew, her husband, had to give her mouth-to-mouth after she
collapsed while they were out shopping. She was taken to a hospital
where doctors were able to restart her heart but warned she could
remain in a coma indefinitely. Andrew said a doctor told him: "She
could wake up the following day, she could wake up in a month, or you
may be left with a sleeping beauty."

In order to wake her Andrew had tried playing recordings of
their baby son Alexander and toddler Ella. He said: 'I would play Emma
the sounds of Alexander crying and gurgling, Ella singing and shouting
"Wake up Mummy!"

In addition he played her recordings of the songs they had
danced to during their wedding. "I would speak softly to her, clasp her
hand, pinch her fingers, all the time telling her I loved her or
begging her to wake up.

Finally, in desperation, he leaned over her hospital bed and pleaded: 'Emma, if you can hear me, please just give me a kiss."

"What happened next was beyond my wildest
dreams," he said. "She turned her head towards mine, puckered up her
lips and gave me a little kiss.

"I couldn't believe it. My heart felt like it was going to
leap from my chest – it suddenly felt like a huge weight had been

The kiss was witnessed by doctors who were astonished by the 34-year-old's sudden response.

Mrs Ray was transferred from the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital to a
specialist brain injury rehabilitation unit at the Hayward Hospital in
Stoke-on-Trent. She was eventually allowed home but now – almost two
years later – the former IT consultant still needs ongoing

Mr. Ray said he was just grateful his wife has survived. He
said: "She can walk quite well holding hands now, and at least our kids
still have a mother and I still have a wife."

For more on this story, including photos of the bride and groom, check out this link:

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