There is alot of talk, teaching and pontificating on leadership these days. Many self-appointed leadership gurus fill the web with tips and tricks, although many of them have never really “led” much or at all. Leadership theory is one thing, and we can glean much from the masters like Maxwell, Drucker, Covey, Rohn etc, but what about the people who currently trudging through the trenches of a leadership reality which is not so glamorous.

My question today goes out to you! I am wondering what you believe is the best leadership tip, practice, or belief you have learned and how it has helped you become a better leader.

So, now it’s time for you to be the leadership guru and share what you’ve learned in order to help others on the leadership journey!

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  1. I believe execution or implementation. Many times, I read or heard great ideas but never follow up. Just follow one, and learn from experience.

  2. I use to throw random topics in my university class room and I see someone always takes the lead and eventually everyone else listen to this one person….. what I learned from this experience that we are all leaders in the things that we value more or give priority in our lives. I maybe a leader in human behavior and economical growth etc but also I may have to follow a 7 years old boy to learn how to use the new gadget or application.

    It is also my observation that we all have dreams or calling or a cause that appeal to us more than others, maybe because of our childhood perceived voids, but then few of us become really successful to lead others towards the beauty that dream or calling holds for future. You may ask why the only answer I know is that as you start to lead, people started to divide themselves you start to face challengers and supporters, now if you can take and bear the challenges of 50 people you will also have similar supporters and you will be a small leader, if you can handle the challenge of 50,000 people you will also have 50,000 supporters and you will be an Entrepreneur or CEO etc, if you can handle and bear the challenges of 5 million people wisely and calmly you will be simultaneously leading some 5 million people and you will be known as a great Leader.

    most people cannot handle challenge of 1 person or 1 event, they maybe have great dreams they may peruse them and maybe in their home everyone support them but as soon as they have to face challenges they give up or cant control their emotions, they begin to hate people and events, and get angry for every hurdle and start to have health issues etc. They start to blame the society or govt or something for their failure….

    The Universe maintains it’s order of challenge and support, pain and pleasure, positive and negative, loss and gain the list goes on at all times and situations and waits for the one who is willing to pay the price for their dream or cause, those who do Lead those who don’t Follow!

  3. Humility and accountability make for great servant leaders. I wish there was a better phrase to use than “follow the path of Christ”. Saying and doing are Mars and Venus.

  4. I could write a book on how NOT to lead after my 5 years as a senior pastor. I made all the mistakes despite reading every leadership book by the gurus. The best tip I could give a leader revolves around making changes. Make the changes step by slow step. In other words, don’t rip the band aid off with one big and fast pull! People hate change, but if you walk slowly with them through the change it makes it a little easier for them and A LOT easier for you. I actually heard of a pastor who wanted to change his worship music from traditonal to contemporary so he started by just placing a guitar on stage. For weeks no one even picked it up and then one Sunday a guy started playing it. A few weeks later they put some drums on the stage.

  5. One thning that has stuck in my mind since I first read it, is Max de Pree’s definition: “leadership is a serious meddling in the lives of others.” It reminds me that leadership is a responsibility, and much be practiced responsibly. To lead requires a conscious decision to take responsibility. It requires preparation. It requires authenticity. if you are to “meddle in the lives of others” you motivation and motives must be sound and honourable. De Pree embodies so much in a few words! Most of all – it reminds me to reflect regularly, and to continually learn from my practice.

  6. do unto others as you would have done unto you is my leadership maxim, that and he who is first shall be last and he who is last shall be first, in other words to lead is to serve, there’s a lot of great leadership advice in the bible not that I’m a bible basher but good advice is giood advice no matter where you find it.

    just for info I have managed for the last 26 years teams up to 257 large.


  7. A good leader is a reliable servant to those he leads. He/she is an attentive listener and reasonably provides the resources required to meet the task at hand and then gets out of the way of those charged with performing the task. He/she remains calm during a crisis and is consistent in every way on a day to day basis. No surprises.

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