I read the following reflection this morning by Wendell Berry. Wendell has authored fifty books of poetry, fiction, and essays. This piece is from his first volume of poems call Leavings. I read it a few times through, for some unearthed reason it resonated and reminded me of the gifts God gives us each day…with no cost.


Look It Over

I leave behind even
my walking stick. My knife
is in my pocket, but that
I have forgot. I bring
no car, no cell phone,
no computer, no camera,
no CD player, no fax, no
TV, not even a book. I go
into the woods. I sit on
a log provided at no cost.
It is the earth I’ve come to,
the earth itself, sadly
abused by the stupidity
only humans are capable of
but, as ever, itself. Free.

A bargain! Get it while it lasts.

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