After arriving in Thailand, we got settled into the bunkhouse at Dave's place. Soon, Dave was filling us in on the plight of Burma. His heart longs to see the evil and oppression that exists in Burma, removed, and the pain inflicted by a ruthless genocidal regime healed.

Many people had been invited to Dave's home to meet us who were involved in cross border aid, advocacy for the Burma situation, and leaders and ethnics that are trying help as many people as they can and raise the level of awareness.

It honestly amazes me what has been going on in Burma for so many years, yet the U.N, and the U.S has done nothing to bring the current dictatorship to the table and answer for the atrocities being committed by them against their own people.

It would be as if the Military wing of the U.S took over control of our nation, imposing martial law, and then decided that 60% of the States didn't deserve to live, so they began to mercilessly go and massacre the people, town by town, city by city.

As we began to get ready to head towards Bueng Klung, we did a quick video message from Dave to the community at SVA. Our goal was to upload it so it would be ready to play on the Global Day of Prayer for Burma…but internet communications were poor at best so I was not able to upload the quick encouragement!

It is past the Day of Prayer now, but be encouraged to keep praying the peoles of Burma as you listen to a quick story from Dave Eubank, the founder of Free Burma Rangers.



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