With the atrocities that continue inside the borders of Burma (Myanmar), more and more people are fleeing the country, but since most live an agrarian life, have no skills to offer other countries. The result is a mass exodus of people, and the surrounding countries unable to absorb the influx of wounded, hurt, and terrorized peoples of Burma. Watch the following clip:

Embedded video from CNN Video

Refugees are never an easy issue for any country, and really, it is not the inbound countries issue, however, the greater question is “Where is the world voice on this issue on behalf of the people who don’t have a voice and are being forced out of their villages by a genocidal regime?”

I have the strange feeling that if Myanmar had more to offer the world like oil reserves or some other huge consumeristic need, the global voice would be dealing with the atrocities in an instant. As it is, no one seems to care about scores of villagers who don’t seem to have much to offer, being brutalized, murdered, and enslaved.

Children play at GLC program
The Planet Project seeks to try to make a difference for some of the orphans and refugees that have been displaced by the Burma Army…check it out Planet Project Portal

Pray the people of Burma, and pray that the world will intervene finally for those who can’t help themselves under a corrupt government.

Also, if you can, give to support the Planet Project and give some orphans a chance!!

Dei Gratia,


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