Okay…this is just perhaps one of the funniest clips I have ever seen…Get ready to laugh out loud!


  1. Laugh out loud I did! Still after 55 years on this planet it seems the lines between grace and license are getting blurred more than a little in my life and in those around me and this episode of Ellen is probably one of the best examples of that.
    Still… because of the days we are living in and their affect on my own life I am drawn to Scriptures like, “Where sin abounds grace abounds” because the awesome reality of it all is that, “If the mighty works that were done in you (America) had been done in Sodom, it would have remained to this very day”.
    I don’t know if any of us realize the awesome truth of that reality but someday we will when each and every one of us who are called Christians (hopefully sombody besides ourselves calls us that) throw our crowns at His feet and like Oscar Schindler at the end is overcome with uncontrollable weeping so The Lord is moved to wipe very tear from our eyes.
    I SO look forward to that day… Rob

  2. p.s. Sorry… I forgot to say, “Thanks I needed that!” Until the Lord does wipe away every tear from our eyes… laughter will do… especially when that laughter is together with an 88 year old Christian woman “who drinks a little to thin the blood” and a 30-some year old Ellen who I don’t need to describe because most of today’s earth dwellers already know her.
    Somehow… although if Jesus ever did laugh when He was here with us bodily no one ever recorded it… still it seems that He would have us laugh a lot more with the Ellen’s and other neighbors of ours in this world. Who knows? Laughing in the face of all that we face today might just win a few unlikely converts and not only that… it might make our remaining time here a lot more pleasant for us and those around us.
    I’m preaching to myself now… just so you know. And if because of what we know is coming upon the whole world our laughter is mixed with tears… that’s even better because we all know that in these days the love of many is growing cold… and its been years… maybe never… since our neighbors witnessed anyone cry for them.
    So Ellen… laughing with you has been great fun… and please don’t let my tears offend you. It’s just that I have this guy inside of me whose story of how he loved us and gave himself for us brings me to tears every time I think about it and I can’t seem to think about myself or anybody else without thinking of Him at the same time.
    Anyway… thanks so much for the laughter! It is worth so much more than all the med’s that money can buy. Rob

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