I just got back from spending some time down South with Amy in New Orleans. Each day was filled with unique experiences, sight and smells! I have some thoughts to ponder through my next post on the clash of spirituality in New Orleans, but for this blog post I just wanted to relive the unique world of ‘Nawlins" and see where your favorite place is in the world.

Okay, where to begin…The architecture in the French quarter was stunningly beautiful…The city is slowly coming back to life after Hurricane Katrina, and while many buildings are still empty or in desperate need of repair, many were saved from severe damage, and others have been repaired. We saw wild above ground cemeteries reminiscent of Europe, rode the street cars, walked the Mississippi waterfront area, ate Beignets at Cafe’ Dumonde at 1:00 am, and listened to some incredible Blues. Lingered in historic Jackson Square…the St. Louis Cathedral which still holds
Mass daily at 7:30 am (just in case you had a long night on Bourbon
Street and needed to do some confessing!)was beautiful, and we toured the Upper and Lower 9th Ward, where the breech in the levee destroyed
everything. Still, 3 years later, 50% of the people have not returned.

Here is a quick visual tour of the unique culture of New Orleans…then after you look comment back at your favorite place in the world and why you love it!


This Place caught my eye…what a great place to watch people from!

A Bar called Monty’s! Couldn’t pass that up 🙂

Incredible Blues…This is Marva Wright, the "The Blues Queen of New Orleans" Wow…here she was at the Jazz Emporium on Bourbon Street.

File0003 St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

File0094 The House of Blues…

File0084_2 Classic New Orleans corner restaurant

File0042 Nightlife in the quarter…

100_3021_3Very cool courtyard…

File0006 Ahhh,,,Beignet’s at Cafe Du Monde

File0047 The Courtyard at Pat O’Briens…a must see!

File0076 Romantic Carriage Rides…we loved that!!

Okay…so where was YOUR favorite place on the planet…and why did it impact you!!



  1. You spoke of standing in the square observing the card readers, psychics, etc. As I listened to you on Sunday describe the church doors locked and people lining up to find answers in the wrong places, did you simply observe in silence, did you speak to anyone and, if so, how did you engage them? I sat pondering what I would do and if engaged, how would I do so to keep them engaged? Sue

  2. Hi Sue!! Great question…my personal style has always been to engage if I sense or divine nudge. I said hello to a few of the readers but didn’t have any specific conversation. When the Divine nudge does come I tend to simply engage people simply as people, not with an agenda to convert…asking questions about who they are and what and how they do what they do tends to open dialog to deeper spiritual questions…then the Holy Spirit will lead with whatever that person needs.
    I used to have my christian game plan…strategy etc…and guess what, it never really did much 🙂 however I have found that if I am becoming aware of God’s voice in all things, He leads the conversation because the people matter to Him far more than they could ever matter to me…
    so the key is…humbly listen to both the people and God and leave the results to Him!

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