No matter where you go, where you find yourself, what back alley or back road you decide to take in life…the people you meet along the way are not accidental tourists in your life. Everything has meaning when you are In Christ, and are following Him!

At the Amsterdam airport there was a young woman who came to sit with us, her name is KY (pronouned like sky but with no s :-)…I asked Ky what her story was, and she began to unfold a journey about helping people. For KY, her concern for others began in school when she was studying the atrocities committed against the Jews by the Nazi’s. She didn’t understand why no one stood up sooner, why the US waited so long to engage…

Later, after school, she worked with victims of domestic violence, still trying to give voice to those who needed help…On this journey, KY is traveling to Rwanda, where she is going to work with the U.N for about a year, to do her part in the genocide that is happening there.

Her heart pored out as she spoke about the plight of the people, that other nations hadn’t responded because the countries only resources seemed to be "people." No financial gain, or political leverage…so no involvement.

KY longs to make a difference at the U.N making it easier for groups like us to get in and take care of the most precious resource on the planet…people.

Pray for KY…pray for us too!

I love the people God places in your journey for perspective, spice, and thought…

Illuminate Deo,

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  1. Hi Erin! that is awesome!So glad to hear your passion for what world vision does! And really excited to know you sponsor a child from Kasitu! I was in Kasitu when it was a brand new ADP and on this second trip it was so amazing to see how World Vision is making a huge impact in the community!
    While I don’t remember hearing a the name of your sponsored child “Praise” it sure could have been…we were with thousands of kids during our time there…I hope I did see and get a picture of Praise for you…feel free to save the picture to your hard-drive and blow it up!
    Great to connect with you along the journey!

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