Africa1_036My heart is staring to morph the closer we get to heading back into Uganda after a two year absence. My community of faith has sponsored close to or over 200 children through World Vision in one area of Eastern Uganda called Kasitu.

Two years ago, when World Vision had just opened this ADP (Area Development Project) I was able to see the germ stage of transformation.

I also met Godfrey Baguma, a boy I sponsor from the village…I am excited to see him and his family again, and what has grown, changed and transpired in the last two years.

The team I am bringing in is excited, nervous, scared, full of faith…every human emotion is bouncing off the walls of their hearts as they prepare for the unpreparable!

We leave on Monday the 30th…so pray for the team! As I go over our schedule, it looks like I will have a couple opportunities where there is electricity and internet connections before we journey  from Kampala into Kasitu. I’ll have another connection when we get back out of Kasitu and debrief before heading into Kenya and the Serengeti…I will try to upload some shots and type out some thoughts if at all possible.

When I get back I’ll process some of my thoughts and jot down my ruminations and God-mmoments on the blog for you to interact with!

May God show you more of His reality in the days ahead, as I am sure I will experience some "other" moments of clarity and confusion!
Illuminate Deo,


  1. I have my “Uganda Mission” paper in front of me by my computer so that I will be reminded to pray for you all. I am trying to visualize the children(Joel, the little boy Dave and I sponsor) and their families anticipating your arrival and the smiling faces you will see when you arrive! I can also visualize God watching all of you as you show them His Son when you look into each others’ eyes! Have a blessed trip and know our church has you all in our prayers!

  2. Thanks Eileen! I’ll try to get some posts up if I can find a connectionand a way to upload!!! Have a great week…IN CHRIST!

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