Hey there…well, I forgot to bring my camera upload cable…and have been trying to find one in Moscow…so far not so good, but God is here! After way to many transfers, and flying for about 20 hours, we got into Moscow…Today was rich. We went through the Kremlin, and spent the afternoon and evening with the church planting leadership team. I was incredible to hear their vision and passion for what they believe God is calling them to do, and to answer questions about becoming a missional and moving church here in the city!  They had many…many…great questions about SVA, and leadership…and we spent a great amount of time praying for God to move in specific ways! I speak at the Open Door Church of Moscow tomorrow…so I’ll tag ya all later!

Illuminate Deo,


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  1. Padre:
    The Barbarian Men held you and Amy, Emma and Liam up in paryer on Wednesday night and the men are praying daily for God’s covering for you and your family. We prayed on Wednesday for … “the Blind to see … the deaf to hear … and the lame to walk” … and for God to speak through you and Amy on this incredible adventure into His Kingdom!
    Das Vidania … your Brother In Christ


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