Do you smell luke God or Old Spice?

So then, says the pastor, Easter tells us that God is out there! Easter also tells us that God cares about you personally…and Easter also show us how we can live when we say yes to Jesus Christ, so that when we live each day, people are drawn towards the Living God who mysteriously dwells within us.

What I have found to be absolutely true in life is that the more time I spend with God…the more time I spend in His presence, and aligning my thoughts, heart and body with God…the more I have His aroma pouring out of me, and not my own!

That is what I long for people to experience when I meet them…not an encounter with Monty, but an encounter with the God of grace who Monty follows.If people leave an interaction with me only smelling some Old Spice and not God, then I need to realign my heart with His so that He is moving in and through me…this is what people need from me more than anything else, a heart surrendered to Christ.

So my challenge today is to spend as much time with God as you can…read the Bible, start with the Gospel of Luke so that you get well acquainted with Jesus and His scent…Read slowly and let the words absorb into you, they will change your life!

Spend as much time as you can simple talking to God, and then do the most radical thing ever…wait and listen for Him to speak to you! Give Him your day, your heart, your mind, and let Him move you through your work day into the conversations and circumstances where God’s scent can emanate from your heart…who knows someone may say…wow, that scent of your is so powerfully beautiful, where ever did you get it?

Right then, you need to smile as your heart expands and a smile spreads across your lips…God has just given you an opportunity to take part in His mission…life truly does not get any better than that!

Take my challenge this Easter…live in such a way that you smell like God!

Illuminate Deo,


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