The one about “splagchnizomai”

The word that best describes the motivation of Jesus and the heart of God is splagchnizomai.” The Greek word is translated as compassion, or love and compassion, but it is more powerful than that. This type of compassion is an invitation into being more human while experiencing more of the divine. This episode will change the way you think God thinks about you!

From The Poet’s Heart


Poetry has a way of working deep, interpreting the language of the soul. In many ways, prayer is a form of freestyle poetry, as is song. A life-lived in honesty is visual poetry, containing all the beauty and ash of life. While I was reading this morning, the following verse became a translator of the heart. I sense and see in it's words how the song of our life, whether well-sung, or not, caught God's ear, it's melody drew Him, and He came near…breathe and read…

Dei Gratia,



You came
down from your throne and

Stood at
my cottage door.

I was
singing all alone in a corner,

And the
melody caught your ear. You

down and stood at my cottage door.

are many in your hall, and

are sung there at all hours. But

The simple
carol of this novice struck

At your
love. One plaintive little strain

with the great music of the

and with a flower for a prize you

down and stopped at my cottage