It was and is a powerful book…
It was and is a controversial book…

The Shack created more spiritual dialog among people of every stripe than any book had for a long time.
Personally, I love books that cause me to think, but for some people, books that make them think, or offer a different perspective are to be feared, banned or burned…this is sad and unfortunate.

Paul Young, the author of the Shack, spoke four times over an August 2009 weekend at the church I pastor. In all honesty, it was perhaps one of the most powerful weekends I have experienced, and trust me, I have experienced many.

The ministry that poured out, the grace and healing so many people experienced are hard to describe, yet unforgettable in my soul. Paul was amazing, authentic, a lover of Jesus, and simply a man sharing his journey, through fiction, of how God met him in his “Great Sadness.”

@wmpaulyoung was a blessing to the many believers, seekers, and wonderers who spilled through our doors

So, while the theologians posture, getting ready to battle at the throne of truth and error, and ultimately miss the point yet again, I’d encourage you to see the movie and take some time to listen to the four speaking sessions that Paul presented at SVA…I will provide the links below.

Paul built each session to compliment the next, so pull up a chair, relax and enjoy the teaching, questions, and honesty that was poured out at SVA.

God is larger than we can ever imagine…and He can work with our questions, wounds and struggles…

Session 1: Saturday 8/8/09 9am- Paul discusses the origins of the book with great Q&A session.

Session 2: Saturday 8/8/09 7pm: Paul discusses the metaphors and Trinity in The Shack

Session 3: Sunday 8/9/09 9am: How God works in the Great Sadness

Session 4: Sunday 8/9/09 11am: Seeing things with fresh eyes


  1. Thank you for posting this Monty!
    Yes a very powerful weekend it was!
    Glad to have these resources available again! You know, it was very interesting for me, when i began reading “The Shack” it was a slow beginning for me…took me a while to get through the first few chapters, but once i got to the camping trip….i could not put the book down. What was very interesting, it was late September 2008, i was with my daughter and son-in-law & we were driving back from Virginia (my son-in-law had just finished and graduated from his AIT training in the US Army, we were driving across the country, stopping at my parent’s house in Denver Colorado, then on our way back to Washigton via Bosie Idaho and then north up to Clarkston Idaho) as i was reading through the part about finding the spot where she was…we were driving north right next to Hells Canyon National Recreation Area….

    1. You are welcome Mark! it was similar for me, a bit hard at first, particularly as it moved into the pain that was at the center of the story, a tragedy I pray no parent ever experiences..but once in, there was no going back, and well worth the price of admission 🙂

  2. I loved the movie, It was thought provoking. I especially liked when ” Jesus said ” It better if you walk on the water with me”.. Love that..Thanks Monty! Kelly

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