Loneliness is crippling. 

Loneliness can descend on us even in the midst of a room full of people…it has a sense of being unknown, unwanted, rejected or misunderstood. Mother Theresa noted that -Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

Loneliness also doesn't simply appear quickly, it is a slow process which numbs our God-awareness and disconnects us from relationships. When life doesn't flow in the way that we desire, or in a way that we understand, it is easy to become discouraged…when discouragement visits, he brings along some other friends that really wreck havoc in our souls.

BUT…in those times, even in the moments that we feel God is distant, unaware, or unconcerned…the reality is that He is there, and He is always up to something.

Join me at the Journey Experience @SVA this weekend to see what God might be up to, and where He is working when we get discouraged, depleted and disengaged from life…the truth of God's involvement will bring hope and faith.

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Dei Gratia,


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