Shutterstock_50424211 I am just finishing a book by Larry Crabb called Shattered Dreams…It is the kind of the book that goes deep rather quickly, loosening the ties that often keep us anchored to a "lesser life." Larry is right when he notes in the book that some cherished dreams we have in life will crumble. Maybe it's the dream that the cancer will not take a loved one, or the dream of a successful new business venture that never had lift-off, or perhaps even the dream that a marriage would be restored. Many dreams crumble, and then the real journey begins.

Because most of our dreams are centered on ourselves, and are generally lesser dreams in terms of a dynamic, God-saturated life, we find that we are often able to attain those "lesser" goals or dreams. Larry notes that when we continually live off a diet of lesser dreams we never develop an appetite for the truly deeper dreams…the dreams that come from God…the dreams that are borne out of pain and brokenness.

The following paragraph caused me to pause:

"It comes down to this: God's best is available only to those who sacrifice, or are willing to sacrifice, the merely good. If we are satisfied with good health, responsible children, enjoyable marriages, close friendships, interesting jobs, and successful ministries, we will never hunger for God's best. We will never worship. I've come to believe that only broken people truly worship. Unbroken people-happy folks who enjoy their blessings more than the blesser-say thanks to God the way a shopper thanks a clerk."

In a culture of "relieve the pain at any cost" have we traded away our opportunity to truly know God…to meet with Him in the pain instead of merely ask Him to remove the pain?

May we not become satisfied with anything less than God…

Dei Gratia,



  1. Thank you for sharing! It IS tough when there is a lot of pain! But this is the journey!

  2. Thank you for sharing! It IS tough when there is a lot of pain! But this is the journey!

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