I'm sure you have been watching and praying over the recent devastation in Haiti. They are expecting well over 100,000 deaths, that is absolutely numbing to think about. I have heard some pundits claim that we have already given to Haiti so don't give anymore, and I have heard another notable personality claim it's their own fault for making a pact with the Devil…sigh…both those people need to retire. I will withhold my other thoughts about those remarks for now 🙂

Whatever the reasons may be, the reality is that there are humans who desperately need help, love, support, and prayer. Instead of picking the tragedy apart and assigning blame, we should actually do the Jesus thing and demonstrate compassion.

Compassion is at the heart of what it means to follow the Rabbi (Jesus). Condemnation was not His game, rather rescue was His mission. And as I read what He taught, His mission is my mission if I truly follow Him.

If you would like to send some financial support to get on the ground in Haiti, you can donate online here:


Click on the Haiti update and it will take you to a donation page. We are working with CAMA Services who and they are on the ground and running. They work with multiple organizations to get the most critical needs met!

We will also be looking at ways that we can help tangibly as this disaster is going to have long term effects.

Keep praying,


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