I first watched a YouTube video of Sungha Jung playing his guitar about a month ago and my jaw literally dropped. This extremely young guy has some serious guitar chops. Not only does he nail his notes, but he also has a surprisingly mature ability to "feel" and create his own groove for the songs he plays.

Experiencing people who are flowing in their "Divine Sweet-spot" is powerful and fun. That is one of the reasons that I do what I do. I love to unleash people into their God-dream, God-potential and/or their  God-purpose.

Before you watch the video of Sungha, ask yourself a couple questions:

1. What is it that I love doing that makes me come most alive?

2. What is it that keeps me from stepping out into my God-dream?

Experiencing the fullness and presence of God is not dependent upon what your particular view of success is…rather God will meet you fully as you simply exercise a step of faith towards something that scares you, something that He has infused into your heart…God loves faith, and a far better definition of success in God's eyes is do whatever it is that He inspires you to do regardless of the results.

Watch this young man play his heart out and enjoy the sounds of Divine-gifts at work…the result is beauty, pleasure, art, and joy.


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