Slide1 Are you ready to experience  a three day retreat with me at a monastery in Oregon where you learn the practice the deeper rhythms of your life with God! I am so excited to spend three days together where we learn, practice and experience God in some dynamic ways!

Maybe you are ready for your prayer life to change from stale old form prayers to something new…

Maybe you are ready for your life with God to change from knowledge to experience…

Maybe you are ready for your spiritual journey to change from duty to a dynamic relationship with God…

With Mount Angel Monastery as our host, I will be leading you through:

sacred journey: learning to practice, accept and understand spiritual formation as a process and not a destination.

sacred moments: learning to worship and become fully present in each of your moments. practicing the art of transformative thankfulness.

sacred hours:
also called the daily office, we will enter into the practice of
drawing together as a community to worship as the bells sound six times
each day.

sacred words:
learning to absorb, chew, and meditate on God’s Word. The Word of God
is transformative and more than theological information. it needs too
be consumed.

sacred wounds:
learning to become authentic men and women entering into the trust and
rhythm of community where wounds can be healed and become sacred.

sacred sounds: learning to worship with sound, music, prayer, and tone. sounds draw our attention towards God,

sacred silence: learning to bring every thought to Christ through the practice of silence. Silence creates the venue for us to hear God speak.

For more information and to sign up for Sacred Space go to:

This event will definitely be a defining moment in your life, so sign up today…You'll be glad you did!


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