Shutterstock_29413387 In Brennan Manning's Latest book, "The Furious Longing of God" there is a short interlude that caused me to slow down, pause, and ponder. Enjoy the interlude…Monty

Brennan writes:

"If there were ever words written by another author for which I would swap every one of my own, they would be the words of the following paragraph by Hans Urs Von Balthasar:

I say to you, Blessed is he who exposes himself to an existance never brought under mastery, who does not transcend, but rather abandons himself to my ever-transcending grace.

Blessed are not the enlightened whose every question has been answered and who are delighted with their own sublime insight, the mature and ripe ones whose one remaining action is to fall from the tree.

Blessed, rather, are the chased, the harassed who must daily stand before my enigmas and cannot solve them. Blessed are the poor in spirit, those who lack a spirit of cleverness.

Woe to the rich, and woe to the doubly rich in spirit! Although nothing is impossible with God, it is difficult for the Spirit to move their fat hearts. The poor are willing and easy to direct. Like little puppies they do not take their eyes from their master's hand to see if perhaps he may throw them a little morsel from his plate.

So carefully do the poor follow my promptings that they listen to the wind (which blows where it pleases), even when it changes. From the sky they can read the weather and interpret the signs of the times.

My grace is unpretentious, but the poor are satisfied with little gifts.

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