2020_image  20/20 Challenge for October

The first half of the 20/20 Challenge remains the same; Spend 20 minutes of God-talk/God-time every day. This is so important. To begin seeing your spiritual, physical, and emotional life experience alignment with God, it takes a commitment to engage God’s presence. So take 10 minutes at the start of your day to align your heart with God’s… to let Him know you are available for whatever He impresses upon your heart during the day. Read the verse of the day on my blog, and ask God to begin showing you who He really is through the Scriptures you read. Then ask Him to impress upon you the who, what, where, when and why of the second prong of the 20/20 challenge.

This month as we pump-up our faith in the God’s Gym series, lets turn our attention for the second half of the 20/20 challenge towards building our faith. Dedicate 20 minutes of your month to taking a faith-infused prayer walk around the church facility (or your place of worship if you don’t go to SVA).  As you walk, here are some things you can pray about:

Pray for growth, unity, love, stewardship, clear communication,
Pray for faith, and forgiveness to grow within your church body. 
Pray against division, personal agendas, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings.
Pray for your pastors, church staff, ministries, ministry leaders, volunteers,
Pray for the marriages, families and individuals represented within your church. 
Pray for giving to grow within your church – for individual’s finances to more toward financial health and for individual’s hearts to be open to giving back to God out of the provisions He give each of us.  Pray for God to reveal to you ways that you might join-in on what He is already doing at your church.  Thank God for what He is doing (and will do) in and through you and your church body.

Now you need to SOUND OFF and tell me what God is revealing to you through this faith focused journey; I love to hear your stories! Just click the comment link!

Illuminate Deo,
Pastor Monty

Phil. 1:6

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