2020_image Yes it is time for the June 20/20 challenge!!

As you know by now, the first 20 of the 20/20 challenge is to spend 20 minutes a day doing some God-talk…it doesn’t matter how, where or when…but bring your awareness into God’s reality and talk to him…that is the journey of prayer.

For June, the 2nd 20 is to read 20 Proverbs in 20 days…Since there are only 31 Proverbs, you should have no problem getting through the wisdom that God longs to fill your soul with!  As you read each Proverb, read it slowly and ask the God to illuminate some portion of the Proverb so that it enters your awareness. When God highlights a portion of the proverb, or a verse, ask Him to reveal why He illuminated or highlighted that particular portion…As you can see, you can morph your God-talk together with this and have a dynamic encounter with God…listening as He illuminates, and reading as He teaches.

When we read the Bible with a purpose to know God and interact with Him, your time will be filled with anticipation and excitement!

Tell me what God is revealing to you through the journey of Proverbs this month!!

Illuminate Deo,

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