On Sunday we looked at the first part of unleashing the power of the Lords Prayer in your life…So often when Jesus was asked a question, he would respond with a question, causing his listeners to think, contemplate and open their spiritual eyes…yet in Matthew 6 when he is asked by his followers…"teach us to pray" he answers quickly, deeply and powerfully.

For millenia + people have memorized the prayer, mantra’d the prayer, and have often missed the path embedded in the prayer. What Christ explained is not a rote vessel of words, but rather some movements to live which unleash a God-centric and saturated life within us and through us…

The first movement is to practice awareness…awareness of God, and awareness of your thoughts which are a form of prayer that God is always hearing. Our thoughts consume us, and most of our thinking centers around things from the past that we can’t change, and fear of the future which hasn’t happened yet. Our mental energy is consumed with these things…and guess what, that is really your prayer life…your thought life is your prayer life. That is why Paul tells us to retune our thought life to the things above where Christ dwells, and he also tells us to stop our mental gymnastics of anxiety and worry and replace those with God thoughts…why, because you receive and move towards what you think about…that means most people are praying to stay stuck in a rut and they don’t even know it!

Awareness…to become aware of God ask Him to help you…ask Him to remind you about Him throughout the day…that you would see Him in creation, notice Him in your conviction, and experience Him in His care…As you start to think about your thoughts, you become aware not only of where your thoughts are centered, but you are reminded that in this very moment you can change they way you are thinking, and then you will change the direction you were heading!

Can you feel the dog collar coming off…it begins in your mind. As you become more and more aware of God and then trust in His ability to do the impossible, you will begin to experience a prayer life and a tangible life like you never have…

The Lord’s Prayer is not words to recite, it is movements to live…this week practice the movement of awareness and tell me what happens as you become aware of your internal prayers and you awareness of the reality and capacity of God!

Illuminate Deo,

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