So how are you doing with the challenge this month!!  Just as a reminder, here is the current 20/20 challenge:

The first half of the 20/20 Challenge for April remains the same; Spend
20 minutes of God-talk/God-time every day. This is so important. To
begin seeing your spiritual, physical, and emotional life experience
alignment with God, it takes a commitment to engage God’s presence. So
take 10 minutes at the start of your day to align your heart with
God’s… to let Him know you are available for whatever He impresses
upon your heart during the day. Read the verse of the day here on my
blog, and ask God to begin showing you who He really is through the
Scriptures you read. Then ask Him to impress upon you the who: what:
where: when and why of the second prong of the 20/20 challenge.

The second half of the 20/20 challenge for April is to make a
"Viral List" of 20 people to pray for, share the gospel with, and
invite to meet Jesus Christ! We all have people who God has put on our
heart; people we work with, play with, see at the grocery store, bank,
baseball field etc. So often, we don’t know what to really do with
that. Here is your chance to write down their names, deliberately bring
them before God in prayer and ask HIM what HE wants you to do about
them. Are they hurting? Do they need a friend, a meal, or just a Word
of Truth spoken into their lives. This month’s challenge is to list the
20 people that God has in your life that don’t know the life changing
message of Jesus Christ, and to pray for each of them.

Lets do this together!

Pastor Monty

Phil. 1:6


  1. Hey, I’m actually attempting this little experiment. Thanks. I asked God to help me a bit in the 20 minutes of prayer and then BOOM… someone the next day sent me a cool link to a Jesuit site called: http://www.pray-as-you-go.org. Anyway, it adds a little spice to my prayer life as well. Thanks for your vision and passion, bro’.
    Eric Sandras

  2. Isn’t it amazing how when we finally allow God to enter our awarness zone that He welcomes us to be a part of the divine movement…I’m going to check out the pray as you go link now, that sounds grerat!
    By the way, I really enjoyed and chewed on Plastic Jesus…very timely, true and a good wake up call…thanks for challenging us with your heart, words, and pen!

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