I was reading this morning from Calvin Miller’s book "The Table of Inwardness" and came across a portion where Miller quotes Giles Fletcher on the all-surpassing sufficiency of Christ. As I read it, I really paused. While so simple, it also gets so lost in our busy world, and our task driven mentality. Read and chew for a moment:

He is a path, if any be misled,
He is a robe, if any naked be,
If any chance to hunger, He is bread,
If any be a bondman, He is free,
If any be but weak, how strong is He,
To dead men life He is, to sick men health,
To blind men sight, and to the needy wealth,
A pleasure without loss, a treasure without stealth.

What is most powerful about Gile’s words are that we never see the sufficiency of Christ until we see the insufficiency of self…when we begin to engage life in reality, we find the need for He that is beyond.

What also amazed me was how close those words were to a song I have been writing that focuses on the centrality of Jesus for finding life…the chorus I have been tweaking says this:

You are my heart when I can’t love,
You are my eyes when I can’t see,
You are my feet when I can’t move…Jesus
You are my hands when I can’t touch,
You are my lips when I can’t taste,
You are my song when I can’t sing,
Jesus…You’re the glue of everything


Illuminate Deo,

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