Easter is coming and it is time to unveil the 20/20 challenge that will lead up to an explosive experience this Easter! We continue to have 20 minutes of God-talk, God -time for the first half of the 20/20 challenge, but this month the second 20 is:

INVITE 20 people to experience Easter@SVA! We will be giving you tools to give away, from hats, t-shirts to a cyber option. We have created a new site at

This site is serving as the hub for inviting others and spreading the word like a virus! We will be launching a new series that kicks off Easter Sunday…The series is called "Viral" and Easter Sunday the message is "Google…what are you looking for?"

You can check out the other messages in the series and view some "viral videos" while you’re there.

We have added a couple more services on Easter Sunday to accommodate everyone engaging the 20/20 challenge by INVITING 20 PEOPLE to Easter@SVA!

Let’s get make sure everyone we know has the opportunity to encounter God in a real, authentic way this Easter. This will only happen if we all take the challenge and spread the word like a virus!!

Okay, ready…GO!


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