Shutterstock_2318122Are you ready for the next 20/20 challenge? For February the two prongs of the challenge are:

1. Spend 20 minutes of God-talk/God-time every day. This is so important. To begin seeing your spiritual, physical, and emotional life experience alignment with God, it takes a commitment to engage God’s presence. So take 10 minutes at the start of your day to align your heart with God’s…to let Him know you are available for whatever He impresses upon your heart during the day. Read the verse of the day here on my blog, and ask God to begin showing you who He really is through the Scriptures you read. Then ask Him to impress upon you the who: what: where: when and why of the second prong of the 20/20 challenge.

2. Show 20 random acts of kindness during the month! These can be anything:

*Roll your neighbors garbage cans back in for them.
*Buy the coffee for the next person in line at your favorite coffee hangout
*Give up up your place in line at the grocery store
*Run an errand for someone in need
*Take care of a friend’s children so they can have a date night
*Give away a grocery store gift card

OK, your turn, post some of your ideas for people on this blog entry and also post on here what things you are doing to get the creative juices flowing!!  Remember 20 random acts of kindness during February, that about 1 a day!!

On your mark, get set….get salty!

Illuminate Deo


  1. In a different twist of a random act of kindness, on an plane flight today I observed the flight attendants respond in a very cool, headed, effective and professional manner as one of the passengers got very ill. In addition to positive verbal comments I obtained the names of all the flight attendants and have written a letter of commendation to the airline’s CEO.

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