“Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Heb. 11:6

The story is told of a beggar in medieval Europe who approached the king and asked him for a gift. The king peered deeply into the eyes of the beggar and said, “Give something to me first.” The beggar was startled and muttered under his breath. He reached into a large pocket of his robe that was bulging with kernels of corn. He gave one kernel of corn to the king. The king reached into his robe and gave the beggar a nugget of gold equal in size to the corn. For the rest of his life, the beggar lived in sorrow that he had not responded in a sacrificial way to the king’s request.*

Faith is an interesting gift that God gives to us. It comes to us not static or unchanging, but rather faith is ready to morph into whatever we are ready for it to become. The Bible tells us that we receive from God according to our faith, much like the story of the beggar and the king. We desire for God to bless us in mountainous ways, yet we are not willing to give in mountainous way. We give what we never truly miss.

Dynamic faith that God delights in is faith that says, “I have it all on the line, and I am trusting you for the end results!” But before our minds wander too far away, there is something that I want you to know, something that can radically change your current moment of time…and that is the God-reality of constant opportunities.

Did you know that your life is filled with divine moments of faith opportunities?
Very often when we are buried in the mundane and in the ordinary is when the God-moments come. When we see something enter into our schedule that appears to be an interruption of our routine, but in actuality it is a God-opportunity given to you to exercise your faith in divine proportions.

God has entered your space and offered to draw you out of what is normal, and longs to lift you to what is otherworldly, to what only can be described as His purpose! I have taken advantage of many God-moments in my life, and while they may have seemed likea schedule killer, life interruption, or bordering on the mysterious, they all brought me to a new level of faith because God moved, and He changed lives.

I don’t know what your God moments will be today, but I do know that your day will have them. My question to you is, “Do you want to see them? Are you ready to leave the normal and mundane for a God-moment of extraordinary faith? Maybe it might be the neighbor that is driving you crazy. Perhaps a renewed look into the eyes of your spouse, maybe even the faith to give financially the way God asks us to give, and promises to bless.

Whatever it is, should you accept the faith challenge and step out into the choppy waters of uncertainty, God will be there, and you will see Him move!

You see, Jesus gave everything He had for us so that we could experience the fullness of life, and too often we give less than we can, and live lives that miss the full faith integration that God desires.

Write this down…Faith is believing when I don’t see it; obeying when I don’t understand it; giving when I don’t have it; persisting when I don’t feel like it; thanking God before I receive it; and trusting if I don’t get it.

So, what are you going to do…

Illuminate Deo

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