Longing & Blessing

Longing is a powerful word. As I speak it in my mind I feel a stir in my heart. It’s akin to “I want” or “I desire” but in a much more wistful way. In some sense there is a longing for something lost as well as something hoped for and even something that is beyond reach. This creates the sensation and the tension.

I have found that longings and desires have a better chance of manifesting if I live into my longings from a position of trust, gratitude and blessing.

Living a life centered on blessing others and blessing the spaces you find yourself in is a gateway into a beautiful life where longing and desire don’t rule you, but are intimate friends along the journey. They know you by name and love you as you are.

This morning as I pull aside and was meditating, my focus was on the following ‘Blessing for Longing’ by John O’Donohue found in his book, “To bless the space between us.”
I love the last line “May you know the urgency with which God longs for you.”

Enter in…


Blessed be the longing that brought you here
And quickens your soul with wonder.

May you have the courage to listen to the voice of desire
That disturbs you when you have settled for something safe.

May you have the wisdom to enter generously into your own unease
To discover the new direction your longing wants you to take.

May the forms of your belonging–in love, creativity and friendship–
Be equal to the grandeur nd the call of your soul.

May the one you long for long for you.

May your dreams gradually reveal the destination of your desire.

May a secret Providence guide your thought and nurture your feeling.

May your mind inhabit your life with the sureness with which your body inhabits the world.

May your heart never be haunted by ghost-structures of old damage.

May you come to accept your longing as divine urgency.

May you know the urgency with which God longs for you.

~John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us

Late Have I Loved You

AugustineConfessionsAugustine’s “Confessions” is perhaps one of the most important works on the spiritual journey that we have. Augustine had one of those “Saul-to-Paul” conversions that transformed him and forever changed the course of his life as well as the church’s.

This small portion from Confessions reads like an intimate lovers letter found nestled beneath the floorboards of a home. Thoughts so powerful and alive with passion and repentance. Words pregnant with something more than information. Phrases of rapture and longing and touch.

The burn of love, the struggle of self and sin, the need for divine consummation, a great way to start your Sunday.


From Augustine’s Confessions

Late have I loved you, Beauty so ancient and so new,

late have I loved you!

Lo, you were within,

but I outside, seeking there for you,

and upon the shapely things you have made I rushed headlong,

I, misshapen.

You were with me, but I was not with you.

They held me back far from you,

those things which have no being

were they not in you.

You called, shouted, broke through my deafness;

you flared, blazed, banished my blindness;

you lavished your fragrance, I gasped, and now I pant for you;

I tasted you, and I hunger and thirst;

you touched me, and I burned for your peace.

God of the Silent Moments


O G-d of the silent moments,

veiling Yourself in mystery and question,

capture my soul…find me.

When Your people gravitate left and right,

and miss You in the shadowlands.

capture my soul…realign me.

As my grace turns to judgment,

reestablishing the barriers that you took down,

capture my soul…restore me.

Your silence creates a hunger,

but my diet is junk food,

a spirituality that makes you feel full, but has no nourishment.

Without your voice,

my choices fall into manmade categories,

and I miss the sliver of grace that defines Your love.

But when You speak so that I can hear,

I see things in a different light,

the log removed and the cheek turned,

O G-d, capture my soul