30 Day New Testament Challenge


Here is the challenge I presented today… in the next 30 days, read through all of the New Testament and immerse yourself into God’s story. I think it would be powerful to have multiple hundreds of us reading through together each day!

Amazing things will happen as you read through God’s message in the New Testament.  The Bible says that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God, so as you begin to read, meditate upon and digest all that God has to say to you in the next 30 days, I know that faith will be unleashed in your life!

As you read, find a comfortable space with limited distractions. That could be a challenge in and of itself! Also, you might want to keep a journal, or a notepad and pencil handy to write down what God is revealing to you as you read. I am sure you will have some insights and some epiphanies throughout the next 30 days.

Finally, ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate your reading. The Bible is alive, it is God’s living revelation to you! In it God is revealing who He is, and leading you deeper into who you are becoming! So write down what seems to jump at you from the pages. You may not even know why it is sticking out to you, but as you pray and meditate on it, God will reveal why He decided to bring that to your attention!

Click on the links below to get to your daily reading! Feel free to like and share this post to others!

Day 1: Matthew 1-9
Day 2: Matthew 10-15
Day 3: Matthew 16-22
Day 4: Matthew 23-28
Day 5: Mark 1-8
Day 6: Mark 9-16
Day 7: Luke 1-6
Day 8: Luke 7-11
Day 9: Luke 12-18
Day 10: Luke 19-24
Day 11: John 1-7
Day 12: John 8-13
Day 13: John 14-22
Day 14: Acts 1-7
Day 15: Acts 8-14
Day 16: Acts 15-21
Day 17: Acts 22-28
Day 18: Romans 1-8
Day 19: Romans 9-16
Day 20: 1 Corinthians 1-9
Day 21: 1 Corinthians 10-16
Day 22: 2 Corinthians 1-13
Day 23: Galatians & Ephesians
Day 24: Philippians, Colossians, 1-2 Thessalonians
Day 25: 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
Day 26: Hebrews
Day 27: James 1-2 Peter
Day 28: 1-3 John
Day 29: Revelation 1-11
Day 30: Revelation 12-22

Beyond Duck Dynasty

featured-duck-dynasty-gq-620x330 (1)

With so many thoughts surrounding our latest cultural controversy, my mind began to ruminate:

The pundits they line up with points in their mind,

Who is right, who is wrong, a binary truth to define.

polarized left and polarized right;

who said just what is embellished with time.

Sensibilities are offended on the left and the right,

Status updates are filled with a rhetoric of might.

This is freedom of speech!

He’s against my way of life!

Can you feel the battle lines drawn? Can you sense the indignant plight?

The rhetoric is shoveled, will any mind change?

Do we really believe everyone else is insane?

God sighs when both sides use His Words as a weapon,

When grace and peace are disguised, thinly veiled as we threaten.

I wonder, in the midst of the verbal assault,

have we perhaps missed the point?

are our positions at fault?

Have we created a chasm that no one can cross?

Have we argued to death the straw-man that is lost?

Buried beneath the hurling flames,

There are question to ask, not labels to claim.

What does this whirlwind say about us?

as a culture, as a people, what matters so much…

is it ratings and money and how I want to be?

or perhaps as a nation have we worshipped at the altar of me…

Ignorance blinds us to the larger story,

The one where God is displaying His glory.

of love and rescue, of grace and truth,

no lost eyes, and no broken tooth.

Above the schoolyard fights of my way or yours,

There is an answer that is deeper than our Olympus culture wars.


So when the embers have settled and you know that you’re right,

Have you actually won, or have we all lost the fight.